Nebraska Woman’s Attempt to Burn Love Letters Leads to $4000 Apartment Fire

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a 19-year-old woman’s attempt to burn love letters from an ex-boyfriend resulted in a $4000 fire in her apartment. The blaze was inadvertently caused when the smoldering letters were placed on a carpet. For more details on this unusual incident, refer to the original report.

Quick Facts

  • Ariauna Lillard, aged 19, tried to burn love letters from a former partner using a butane torch, leading to an unintended fire in her apartment.
  • The fire, which caused $4000 worth of damage, started when Lillard, assuming the letters did not ignite, placed them on her bedroom carpet and took a nap.
  • Lillard was alerted by a smoke detector and escaped unharmed. She has been cited for negligent burning and is scheduled for a court appearance.

On a quiet afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ariauna Lillard, 19, found herself reminiscing over old love letters from a past relationship. In a bid to move on, Lillard decided to eradicate these mementos using a butane torch. However, the situation quickly escalated beyond her control. The small flame, which she presumed had extinguished, continued to smolder on the carpet of her bedroom. Unaware of the lurking danger, Lillard settled in for a nap, leaving the letters to their fate.

The incident took a dramatic turn when Lillard was awakened by the sound of her apartment’s smoke detector. To her horror, she discovered the bedroom carpet ablaze. Despite the shock, Lillard managed to escape from the apartment without sustaining any injuries. The quick response of the Lincoln Fire Department prevented the fire from spreading to other units in the complex. This incident highlights the unforeseen hazards of handling flammable materials carelessly within residential spaces.

Following the fire, Ariauna Lillard faces legal consequences for her actions. She has been cited for negligent burning, a charge that underscores the importance of fire safety and the responsibilities that come with it. Lillard’s case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of everyday items when used imprudently. Her court appearance is set to further determine the repercussions of this ill-fated attempt to eliminate past memories.

For Further Reading

Negligent BurningNegligent burning refers to the reckless or careless starting of a fire that results in damage or harm. This legal term covers a range of activities, from unintentional household fires to larger incidents caused by negligence. In Lillard’s case, her attempt to burn love letters without considering the risks falls under this category, leading to significant property damage and legal implications. Understanding this concept is crucial in grasping the severity of Lillard’s actions and the resulting charges. More information can be found on the Wikipedia page for Negligence.

Q&A Section

What charges is Ariauna Lillard facing?

Lillard has been cited for negligent burning, a charge that arises from causing a fire through careless actions, in this case, attempting to burn love letters on a bedroom carpet.

How much damage did the fire cause?

The fire in Lillard’s apartment caused approximately $4000 worth of damage, highlighting the serious consequences of her actions.

Was anyone injured in the fire?

No injuries were reported. Lillard escaped the fire unharmed, and the Lincoln Fire Department quickly controlled the situation, preventing harm to others.

Citation: “Woman Set Fire Trying To Burn Ex’s Love Letters.” The Smoking Gun, September 18, 2019.

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