Florida Man Charged with Felony Battery for Cow Manure Attack

Jose Ramirez-Callejas, a 47-year-old Florida resident, was arrested on a felony battery charge for dumping a bucket of cow manure over someone’s head at a dairy farm. This unusual assault occurred in Crystal Springs, about 30 miles north of Tampa.

Quick Facts

  • Unconventional Assault: Ramirez-Callejas scooped cow manure into a bucket and poured it over the victim’s head in an attack at Spoto’s Palm River Dairy.
  • Admission of Guilt: Ramirez-Callejas admitted to the police that he carried out the manure attack, confirmed by cow manure found on the victim.
  • Prior Criminal Record: Ramirez-Callejas has a history of convictions, including battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and probation violation.

The incident took place at a dairy farm where Ramirez-Callejas allegedly filled a bucket with cow manure and dumped it over the victim’s head. The police report noted cow manure on the victim’s forehead and leg.

Ramirez-Callejas, described as a transient in the complaint, was taken into custody and booked into the Pasco County jail. His criminal history, including previous convictions for battery and aggravated assault, adds severity to the current charge.

This case highlights the range of behaviors that can constitute felony battery, demonstrating that even unconventional methods like using cow manure can lead to serious legal consequences.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Felony Battery is central to this case. Felony battery involves intentionally striking someone against their will and causing great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement. It is a more serious charge than simple battery due to the severity of the injury caused. For more information, visit Battery (crime) on Wikipedia.


What was the nature of the attack by Ramirez-Callejas?

Ramirez-Callejas attacked the victim by dumping a bucket of cow manure over their head, an act that led to his arrest for felony battery.

What is Ramirez-Callejas’s criminal history?

He has prior convictions for battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and probation violation, indicating a history of violent behavior.

How does this incident fit into the legal definition of felony battery?

The use of cow manure in the attack constitutes felony battery due to the intentional and harmful nature of the act, despite its unconventional method.


Original article: Man Arrested For Cow Manure Battery | The Smoking Gun

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