Hamas Official Reiterates Commitment to Continual Assaults on Israel

Ghazi Hamad, a top Hamas official, recently expressed his determination to perpetuate attacks against Israel and emphasized the group’s goal to eliminate the nation.

Quick Facts

  • Stance: Hamas’s Ghazi Hamad proclaimed that Israel “has no place on our land” and insisted on its removal.
  • Reiteration: Hamad highlighted the intent to repeat the October 7 assault on multiple occasions until their objective is achieved.
  • Civilian Impact: Addressing the civilian casualties, Hamad attributed the tragedies at the Re’im music festival to “complications on the ground.”

During a recent interview with Lebanese news outlet LBCI, Hamas official Ghazi Hamad spoke fervently about the group’s stance on Israel. Citing a translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Hamad declared that Israel is an entity that shouldn’t exist on Palestinian lands. This assertion aligns with the longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine, where territorial disputes and historical grievances have often taken center stage.

The October 7 attack was a significant point of contention during the interview. Hamad emphasized that such attacks would continue with the ultimate goal of annihilating Israel. The unyielding nature of his statements underscores the depth of animosity and the seemingly insurmountable divide between the two factions. The intent to teach Israel “a lesson” was clear, with Hamad referencing their determination to fight as a driving force.

Furthermore, Hamad touched upon the unfortunate civilian casualties resulting from their actions. He shed light on the incident at the Re’im music festival, suggesting that it was an inadvertent outcome due to unforeseen complications. However, this acknowledgment doesn’t diminish the severity of the impact on innocent lives, underscoring the grim realities of war and conflict.

For Further Reading Hamas: Hamas is a Palestinian militant and political organization. Founded in 1987, it has been designated as a terrorist group by Israel, the U.S., Canada, the European Union, and other countries due to its consistent involvement in terror activities, including suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Hamas’ primary objective is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. [Wikipedia]


Who is Ghazi Hamad?

Ghazi Hamad is a senior Hamas official known for his public statements and engagements related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

What was the October 7 attack?

The October 7 attack refers to a significant assault by Hamas against Israel, which resulted in civilian casualties and has since become a focal point in discussions surrounding the ongoing conflict.