NASA’s chief says China is being ‘very, very secretive’ and pretending its space projects aren’t linked to the military


NASA Chief Warns China is Concealing Military Links to Space Projects

NASA’s chief, Bill Nelson, cautioned that China is engaging in secretive space activities with potential military implications. He emphasized that the US is in a “race” with Beijing to reach the moon in the 21st century.

Quick Facts

  • NASA head Bill Nelson warned that China is conducting military activities under the guise of civilian space programs.
  • China aims to land astronauts on the moon by 2030 and establish a lunar base within the next five years.
  • The US is striving to land astronauts on the moon by September 2026 under the Artemis missions.

Nelson expressed concern over China’s lack of transparency, emphasizing that they may be disguising military activities as civilian space endeavors. He highlighted the importance of the $25.4 billion budget he presented to lawmakers, stressing the need for the US to assert its position in space exploration.

Furthermore, he reiterated the potential threat posed by China’s ambitions in space, referencing the possibility of them staking a claim on lunar territory and excluding other nations. Nelson drew parallels with China’s actions in the South China Sea, where its sovereignty claims have led to territorial disputes.

Regarding the timeline for lunar missions, Nelson emphasized the urgency for the US to accelerate its efforts to reach the moon before China. He underscored the value of collaborative international agreements, such as the Artemis Accords, which promote transparency and peaceful space exploration. Nelson also noted China’s exclusion from these accords and its plans to establish a lunar base.