Google I/O 2023: The Pixel Fold Revolution

Google I/O 2023 has been an event to remember, with many innovative presentations and revelations. But, among all the announcements, the one that caught everyone’s attention and set off a frenzy of applause was the unveiling of the Pixel Fold. Pixel Fold: No Longer a Rumor After weeks of speculation, …

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Government employees ‘addicted’ to Tik-Tok despite ban

People who see TikTok as a national security threat have worked for years to limit the reach of the app. But some government employees really like posting there, and they haven’t stopped. — NBC News (@NBCNews) January 30, 2023

Twitch open letter provides 2023 monetization roadmap

Twitch, the leading gaming livestreaming platform, released a letter to layout it’s roadmap for new monetization features in 2023. The open letter was penned by Tom Verrilli, chief product officer at Twitch, and Mike Minton, Twitch’s chief monetization officer. These platform-wide improvements are designed to help streamers monetize effectively, boost …

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