Georgia beach town trying to curb large annual gathering of Black students


Georgia beach town trying to curb large annual gathering of Black students

Thousands of Black college students are expected to attend an annual spring bash at Georgia’s largest public beach, which has sparked measures by local officials to control the event. The beach party known as Orange Crush, held on Tybee Island, has drawn criticism and concerns from residents and authorities due to overcrowding and public safety issues.

Quick Facts

  • Tybee Island is preparing for the annual Orange Crush beach party, which has historically attracted large crowds of Black college students.
  • Residents and officials have expressed concerns about public safety, overcrowding, and potential disturbances during the event.
  • The crackdown on the event has sparked debate, with some critics suggesting racial bias in the measures taken by the authorities.

Tybee Island, east of Savannah, has faced challenges with the Orange Crush event, leading to increased police presence and road closures in an effort to manage the anticipated large crowds. Last year’s record attendance of over 100,000 people prompted concerns about public safety, leading to a call for stricter measures to control the event.

Some critics have accused local officials of overreacting and targeting Black visitors, raising questions about potential racial bias in the response to the event. While authorities defend the measures as necessary for public safety, the crackdown has sparked controversy and debate within the community.

The situation has also drawn attention to the historical context of the beach town and its treatment of visitors, with some residents and activists highlighting concerns about racial discrimination and the perceived targeting of Black attendees.