Family of slain mother in Las Vegas law firm shooting shares ex’s violent past: ‘Lived in constant fear’


Family of Slain Mother in Las Vegas Law Firm Shooting Shares Ex’s Violent Past: ‘Lived in Constant Fear’

The family of the woman tragically killed in a shooting at a Las Vegas law firm has revealed new details about the incident, shedding light on the victim’s constant fear for her safety and that of her children. The family’s statement can be found here.

Quick Facts

  • The victim, Ashley Prince, was killed alongside her husband during a child custody deposition at a Las Vegas law firm.
  • The shooting was carried out by the victim’s ex-father-in-law, Joe Houston II, who later took his own life.
  • The family of the victim is determined to secure full custody of their grandchildren to safeguard their future.

The tragic incident occurred during a child custody deposition at the Prince Law Firm, where Ashley Prince and her husband, Dennis Prince, were representing her. The victim’s parents, Paul and Julie Page, expressed that Ashley had been living in constant fear due to her ex-husband’s violent behavior, despite legal battles for protection.

During the deposition, Joe Houston II, the ex-father-in-law, fatally shot Ashley and Dennis before taking his own life. The Page family revealed that Ashley had endured relentless verbal and mental abuse from her former husband, Dylan Houston, leading to her constant fear for her life and that of her children.

The family disclosed that Ashley had been granted a restraining order against Dylan to protect herself, but their worst fears were realized when Joe Houston II, representing Dylan, committed the most egregious domestic violence by killing Ashley and Dennis. The Pages are now cooperating with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to secure full custody of their grandchildren.