‘Squad’ Democrat promotes ‘peace’ in Middle East as hometown ranks among worst for crime


**Squad** Member Advocates for Peace Amidst High Crime Rates in Hometown

Cori Bush called for “peace” and de-escalation in the Israel-Hamas war while her hometown, St. Louis, was recently ranked as the third “most dangerous” city in the United States.

Quick Facts

  • Bush urged for peace amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • St. Louis ranked as the third “most dangerous” city in the U.S.
  • Norada reported high poverty rates and lack of access to quality education and healthcare as factors contributing to crime in St. Louis.

A report from real estate company Norada revealed that St. Louis, Rep. Bush’s hometown, was ranked as the third “most dangerous” city in the U.S. after analyzing FBI data. This ranking placed St. Louis behind only Detroit and Baltimore in terms of danger. The high rates of poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to essential resources were identified as contributing factors to the city’s crime problem according to Norada.

Representative Bush, an outspoken critic of Israel’s military actions in Gaza, emphasized the toll of violence overseas and stressed the importance of embracing peace amidst war. She implored for an end to the bloodshed and trauma caused by armed conflict, highlighting the need to abandon the nation’s propensity towards war and instead strive for peace. Her message resonates strongly, considering her hometown’s struggles and the urgent call to address the root causes of violence.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Rep. Bush’s office for comment.