Israel Discovers Hamas Documents Detailing Cyanide Weapon Production

The Israeli military recently uncovered a file from Hamas detailing the creation of a cyanide-based weapon. This discovery raises concerns about the group’s potential use of chemical weapons.

Quick Facts

  • Discovery Source: The Israeli military found the instructions on a USB key from a Hamas operative involved in an October 7th attack.
  • Authenticity: While the authenticity of the Hamas file has not been independently verified by Axios, Israeli officials believe it to be genuine.
  • Origins: The document’s origin traces back to a 2003 Al-Qaeda manual, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The Israeli military’s discovery came after they found a “cyanide dispersion device” instruction manual on a USB key. This key was retrieved from a Hamas operative who had taken part in a terrorist attack on October 7th. The contents of this file have raised alarms, though it remains uncertain whether Hamas had concrete plans or intentions to produce and use such chemical weapons.

Further investigations revealed that the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation department had sent out a classified cable to Israeli embassies worldwide. This cable, titled “Hamas intention of using chemical weapons,” was dispatched to various capitals, including Washington. The Israeli Foreign Ministry, in the cable, expressed concerns about Hamas’s potential intentions to employ chemical weapons in terror attacks against civilians. They also highlighted the document’s similarity to a 2003 Al-Qaeda manual, suggesting a possible link or inspiration.

Israel has been proactive in sharing information about potential threats from Hamas. Since the October 7th incident, Israel has publicly and privately disseminated several documents they claim to have found on deceased Hamas attackers. Some of these documents, labeled “Top Secret” by Hamas, allegedly contain operational plans targeting Israeli villages and military bases. These plans explicitly instruct attackers to maximize casualties and abduct hostages back to Gaza.

For Further Reading Al-Qaeda: Founded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1980s, Al-Qaeda is a militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization. It became globally notorious for its responsibility in the September 11 attacks in the US. The group’s ideology is based on a radical interpretation of Islam, promoting jihad against perceived enemies. [Wikipedia]


What was the nature of the discovered file?

The file contained instructions for producing a “cyanide dispersion device,” a potential chemical weapon.

Has Hamas commented on the discovery?

As of the article’s publication, a Hamas spokesperson had not provided a comment on the matter.

How did Israel respond to the discovery?

Israel alerted its embassies worldwide and shared the information, emphasizing the potential threat of Hamas using chemical weapons.

Original article source: Axios

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