Nashville Police Chief’s Estranged Son Suspected in Officer Shooting

Authorities are on a manhunt for John C. Drake Jr., the estranged son of Nashville’s police chief, who is believed to have shot two police officers in La Vergne, Tennessee.

Quick Facts

  • Identified Suspect: John C. Drake Jr., 38, recognized as the son of Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake.
  • Incident Details: Two officers were shot outside a Dollar General store in La Vergne during an investigation of a stolen vehicle. Both were hospitalized, with one officer already discharged.
  • Police Chief’s Statement: Confirming the identity of his son as the suspect, Chief Drake highlighted their estranged relationship and John Jr.’s history of criminal activity.

In a shocking event that has gripped Tennessee, two officers were investigating a stolen vehicle outside a Dollar General store in La Vergne when they confronted a suspect. The altercation escalated, resulting in the suspect drawing a handgun and opening fire. LaVergne Police Chief Christopher Moews identified the assailant as John C. Drake Jr., who, in a twist to the tale, is the estranged son of Metro Nashville Police Chief, John Drake.

The severity of the injuries to the officers varied. One officer suffered gunshots to the groin and right forearm, while his colleague was hit in the rear left shoulder. Both officers were promptly transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Fortunately, one of the officers was deemed fit enough to be discharged on the same day, while the other remained in the hospital under observation but was reported to be in stable condition.

In the wake of the shooting, the community was inundated with alerts and precautions. A shelter-in-place order was instituted by the La Vergne police, which was later lifted, albeit with a heightened sense of vigilance as the search for Drake Jr. continued. The incident evoked a myriad of responses, including a heartfelt statement from Mayor Freddie O’Connell who expressed his solidarity with Chief Drake and acknowledged the unpredictability of family members’ actions.

For Further Reading Shelter-in-place order: A directive given by officials urging inhabitants of an area to stay indoors due to an imminent threat. The objective is to keep individuals safe by remaining in a secure location, typically their home. This method is often used during natural disasters, chemical incidents, or public safety threats. It is vital to heed these orders when issued to ensure safety.[Wikipedia]


Who is the primary suspect in the shooting of the officers?
John C. Drake Jr., the estranged son of Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake, is the main suspect.

What were the conditions of the two shot officers?
One officer was shot in the groin and right forearm, while the other sustained a gunshot wound to the rear left shoulder. Both were hospitalized, with one already discharged and the other in stable condition.

How has the local community responded to the shooting?
The La Vergne police issued a temporary shelter-in-place order, which was later lifted. The incident has garnered widespread attention, with the mayor and others expressing their support for Chief Drake.

Source: NBC News