Saudi Arabia Just Glimpsed a Version of Its Future Thanks to Iran

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Saudi Arabia experienced a glimpse of its future in the aftermath of Iran’s strike against Israel, revealing potential far-reaching consequences for the region. The major impact extends not only to Israel, Iran, and the United States but also to many Arab states, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Quick Facts

  • The Iranian strike against Israel has significant implications for multiple countries including Saudi Arabia.
  • The crisis presents an opportunity for the Biden administration to formalize a new U.S. security guarantee for Saudi Arabia.
  • Riyadh seeks an ironclad U.S. security guarantee and is particularly interested in advanced missile defense systems.

The Israeli missile defense systems, Iron Dome and Arrow-3, along with allied efforts from the U.S., UK, France, and Jordan, demonstrated an advanced version of the future that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is eager to achieve. Riyadh has been striving for an ironclad U.S. security guarantee.

All countries’ foreign policies are influenced by their domestic agendas, but Saudi Arabia is particularly focused on ensuring the success of the economic transformation, especially in the context of the Vision 2030 project, Neom.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s determination to transition the Kingdom away from hydrocarbons and toward other industries drives the urgency to make Vision 2030 a success. However, the threat of potential attacks from Iranian or Iranian-backed proxies could significantly hinder the Kingdom’s economic and societal transformation.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts to attain new security guarantees and support from the United States are driven by the necessity to safeguard its economic and societal transition, particularly in light of potential regional conflicts.

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