North Carolina Woman Exchanges Infant for Vehicle

In a shocking case from North Carolina, Alice Todd, aged 45, was indicted for trading her infant daughter for a 1992 Plymouth Laser. The transaction involved two other individuals, Tina Chavis and Vicenio Romero. This disturbing exchange raises serious concerns about child welfare and legality.

Quick Facts

  • Alice Todd, 45, is accused of a heinous act where she allegedly bartered her baby, who was less than a year old, in exchange for a 1992 Plymouth Laser. This incident highlights the extreme measures some individuals may take in desperate situations.
  • The case came to light when Tina Chavis, 47, brought the child to a hospital with bruises. Chavis initially claimed to be the mother and later said she adopted the child, but could not provide any supporting documents, leading to further investigation.
  • Police involvement escalated the situation as they traced the child’s biological mother, revealing the illicit vehicle-for-child swap. This incident has shed light on the importance of vigilant healthcare workers and law enforcement in protecting vulnerable children.

Background of the Case

The case began unraveling when Tina Chavis took the young child, who had bruises, to a hospital for treatment. Healthcare professionals, suspecting foul play, alerted the authorities. This set in motion an investigation that unearthed a disturbing truth: the child had been bartered for a car. Chavis, initially claiming to be the biological mother, later altered her story to claim adoption, but failed to provide any legal documentation to support her claims.

Investigation and Legal Proceedings

Police were then able to trace the biological mother of the child, Alice Todd. The investigation revealed that Todd had indeed swapped her infant daughter for a car, an act which led to the indictment of Todd, Chavis, and Romero. The legal ramifications of this case are significant, as it involves the unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor, a serious felony. The case highlights the critical role of law enforcement in uncovering and addressing such alarming incidents.

Impact and Custody of the Child

Following these revelations, the child, now two years old, was placed in the custody of a relative. This case has had a profound impact on the local community and has raised questions about the welfare and protection of children. It underscores the necessity for vigilance in safeguarding the rights and well-being of minors, particularly in situations where they are most vulnerable.

For Further Reading

Child WelfareChild welfare is a critical concept highlighted by this case. It involves the well-being and safety of children and is a primary concern for social services, legal, and healthcare systems. Ensuring child welfare means protecting children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and guaranteeing their right to a safe and nurturing environment. This case demonstrates the crucial need for effective child welfare systems to prevent and respond to situations where children’s rights and safety are at risk. For more information, see the Wikipedia article on Child Welfare.


What legal actions are being taken against the individuals involved?

The three individuals, Alice Todd, Tina Chavis, and Vicenio Romero, have been charged with the unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor. They are currently held in jail with a set bond, awaiting their court appearance.

What happens to the child in such cases?

In this case, the child, now two years old, has been placed in the custody of a relative. The child’s safety and well-being are the top priority, and child protective services are involved to ensure the best possible care.

Original article source: The Smoking Gun

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