‘Ridiculous own goal’: Brussels mayor gives Europe’s hard-right a free hit before EU election


Brussels Mayor’s Attempt to Shut Down Conference Backfires

**Europe’s hard-right** nationalists faced a setback when a local mayor in Brussels tried to halt their conference, triggering international attention and criticism. The attempted shutdown, deemed unconstitutional by Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, has emboldened the right-wing caucus ahead of the European election.

Quick Facts

  • Local mayor Emir Kir’s attempt to stop the conference backfired, garnering international attention and criticism.
  • Leaders around Europe, including U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, spoke out against the attempted shutdown.
  • The conference continued despite the obstacles, with the right-wing gaining support and momentum.

Europe’s nationalists gathered in Brussels for a conference featuring prominent figures like Nigel Farage and Viktor Orbán. The attempt to shut down the National Conservatism Conference by local politicians triggered an international outcry, providing more fuel to the fire for right-wing movements across Europe.

The move by local mayor Emir Kir, ultimately deemed unconstitutional, inadvertently empowered the right-wing caucus, which is projected to gain influence in the upcoming European election. The events were seized upon by leaders across Europe, further polarizing the political landscape.

Over the two-day conference, phrases such as “nihilistic atheism,” “globalist socialist agenda,” and “gender ideology” echoed through the venue. Despite attempts to disrupt the event, including the barring of a high-profile speaker, the conference continued, providing a platform for right-wing voices to rally against perceived left-wing cancel culture.


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