Japan showed off the destroyer it’s turning into an aircraft carrier for F-35 stealth fighters


Japan has revealed the transformation of one of its helicopter-carrying destroyers into a light aircraft carrier capable of operating F-35B Lightning II stealth fighters. The first successful modification of JS Kaga will enable another helicopter carrier, JS Izumo, to undergo similar conversion.

Quick Facts

  • Japan displayed the first changes made to turn a destroyer into an aircraft carrier for F-35 stealth fighters.
  • The successful modification of JS Kaga will pave the way for another helicopter carrier, JS Izumo, to also be converted into an aircraft carrier.
  • Japan plans to acquire more than 147 F-35s, comprising 105 F-35As and 42 F-35Bs.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced the completion of the first special modification work on the Kaga earlier this month. The carrier now features a flight deck designed to operate and launch F-35 jets. The JMSDF is systematically carrying out the necessary modifications to the “IZUMO” class destroyer to acquire the operational capability of the F-35B.

The project marks a significant shift for Japan, which began overhauling its Self-Defense Force in October 2021, creating its first amphibious military unit since WWII and launching a new class of modern frigates. The ongoing upgrades also serve as an opportunity to strengthen US-Japanese relations, particularly in the face of concerns about aggression from China.

The development of light aircraft carriers is part of the broader evolution of Japan’s military capabilities, prompting close scrutiny from its Asian neighbors and the international community. China, in particular, has expressed concerns about Japan’s growing partnerships and capabilities, calling for a reflection on its history of aggression and a commitment to peaceful development.

**Source:** [Business Insider](https://dnyuz.com)

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