Biden Calls Out Caitlin Clark’s Lowball WNBA Salary


Biden Addresses Disparity in WNBA Salaries, Cites Caitlin Clark’s Case

President Joe Biden has taken a stand against the significant wage gap in the WNBA, highlighting the disparity in Caitlin Clark’s rookie salary. His remarks, posted on X, emphasized the urgency of providing equitable opportunities for women and fair compensation.

Quick Facts

  • President Biden called for equal pay in the WNBA, prompted by Caitlin Clark’s low rookie salary.
  • Clark, the top draft pick, faces a stark contrast to the salaries of male athletes, exemplified by the significant disparity with a top NBA pick.
  • While Clark may benefit from endorsements and alternative playing opportunities, the wider issue of salary inequality persists in the WNBA.

President Biden’s recent statement alluded to the concerning disparity in the remuneration of female athletes in the WNBA, particularly spotlighting the meager rookie salary of Caitlin Clark. The president’s call for gender pay equity comes against the backdrop of Clark’s sensational entry into the professional basketball realm.

As the first overall draft pick, Clark faces an astounding contrast in financial reward compared to male athletes. This gap was starkly exemplified by the substantial difference between Clark’s rookie salary and that of a top NBA pick. Biden’s vocal support for gender-equitable compensation echoes the growing public discontent over the longstanding issue of unequal pay in women’s professional sports.

Considering Clark’s potential for lucrative endorsements and alternative playing opportunities outside the WNBA, the glaring disparity in salaries persists on a broader scale within the league. Despite the strides made by women athletes, the unequal financial recognition continues to fuel the ongoing discourse on gender pay equality in professional sports.


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