Florida Woman Arrested for Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend with Hot Pizza

Becky Bartlett, a 32-year-old woman from St. Petersburg, Florida, was arrested for domestic battery after throwing a hot pizza at her ex-boyfriend, Robert Ybarra, causing a minor burn. This incident followed a night of verbal altercations between the two.

Quick Facts

  • Pizza as a Weapon: After a night of arguing, Bartlett threw a hot pizza at Ybarra, resulting in a minor burn on his hand.
  • Domestic Battery Charges: Bartlett was arrested and charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor offense.
  • Additional Legal Complications: Ybarra was also arrested on a fugitive warrant from Colorado related to a felony marijuana distribution charge.

The altercation occurred when Ybarra returned home after 3 AM and began cooking a pizza. Bartlett, who was sleeping on the living room couch, became upset and threw the pizza at Ybarra, causing a minor burn. Police noted visible injury and food on Ybarra’s pant leg consistent with his statements.

Bartlett was released from custody on her own recognizance, with a judge ordering no contact with Ybarra and barring her from possessing firearms or ammunition. Ybarra, meanwhile, was detained due to a fugitive warrant related to a marijuana distribution charge in Colorado.

This case highlights the potential for domestic disputes to escalate into physical confrontations, leading to legal consequences for those involved.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Domestic Battery is central to this case. Domestic battery involves any intentional and harmful physical contact inflicted by one family or household member on another. It is a criminal offense that can result in arrest and charges. For more information, visit Domestic Violence on Wikipedia.


What led to Becky Bartlett’s arrest?

Bartlett was arrested for domestic battery after throwing a hot pizza at her ex-boyfriend, causing a minor burn.

What were the circumstances of the incident?

The incident occurred after a night of verbal altercations, with Bartlett becoming upset when Ybarra started cooking a pizza upon returning home.

What is the status of Robert Ybarra following the incident?

Ybarra was arrested on a fugitive warrant from Colorado for a felony marijuana distribution charge and is being held without bond.


Original article: Man Burned In Domestic Pizza Battery | The Smoking Gun

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