Mother-to-Be Assaulted at Gender Reveal Party by Boyfriend’s Brother

At a gender reveal party in St. Petersburg, Florida, a pregnant woman was punched in the face by her boyfriend’s brother, Marshall Richardson. The 27-year-old Richardson was arrested on a felony charge of battering a pregnant woman. This violent incident occurred during a family gathering.

Quick Facts

  • Family Gathering Gone Wrong: The altercation began after Richardson told guests to stop smoking around children, leading to a heated argument.
  • Physical Assault: Richardson punched the 20-year-old pregnant woman in the face, causing minor redness to her cheek and jawline.
  • Legal Consequences: Richardson, with a history of criminal convictions, was arrested for aggravated battery and later released on a $10,000 bond.

The argument started when Richardson asked guests to stop smoking around the children at the party. The situation escalated after the pregnant woman became upset and called Richardson names, leading to a fight between Richardson and his brother. When separated, Richardson punched the pregnant woman in response to her verbal insults.

Richardson, who has a rap sheet including robbery, armed burglary, and cocaine possession, was arrested for aggravated battery against a pregnant woman. He has served three separate state prison terms since 2012, totaling 44 months.

This case underscores the potential for violence at family gatherings and the serious legal repercussions of assaulting a pregnant woman.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman is central to this case. This crime involves intentionally causing harm to a pregnant woman and is considered a serious felony offense. For more information, visit Battery (crime) on Wikipedia.


What triggered the assault at the gender reveal party?

The assault occurred following an argument that started when Richardson asked guests to stop smoking around children and escalated with verbal exchanges.

What are the charges against Marshall Richardson?

Richardson was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, a felony offense, reflecting the severity of the assault.

What was the condition of the victim following the assault?

The pregnant woman suffered minor redness to her cheek and jawline but no severe injuries were reported.


Original article: Mother-To-Be Slugged At Her Gender Reveal | The Smoking Gun

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