Florida Man Arrested for Lewd Behavior at IHOP

Allan Ibanez, a 24-year-old from Florida, was arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly offering to show his genitals to patrons at an IHOP restaurant. This incident occurred during the early hours, disturbing customers trying to enjoy their meals.

Quick Facts

  • Disruptive Conduct at IHOP: Ibanez entered the Clearwater IHOP and began approaching tables, offering to show his genitals and displaying condoms.
  • Uncomfortable Patrons: His behavior made customers uncomfortable, leading to IHOP management asking him to leave, which he refused.
  • Subsequent Arrest: After being released from jail on his own recognizance, Ibanez was arrested again for stealing donuts from a gas station.

Ibanez’s behavior at the IHOP included approaching random tables and making lewd offers to the patrons. Despite being asked to leave by the restaurant’s management, he continued his inappropriate behavior, causing discomfort among the customers.

Following his arrest for disorderly conduct, Ibanez spent about 11 hours in custody. However, shortly after his release, he was arrested again for stealing two donuts from a Speedway gas station in Largo, claiming he intended to give one to law enforcement as he believed “all cops love donuts.”

This series of events highlights the erratic and disruptive behavior that can lead to multiple arrests in a short period. Ibanez’s actions at the IHOP and subsequent theft reflect a pattern of disregard for social norms and legal boundaries.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Disorderly Conduct is central to this case. Disorderly conduct is a broad legal term encompassing various acts that disturb the peace or endanger the morals, health, or safety of a community. It often includes public intoxication, disturbing the peace, and loitering. For more information, visit Disorderly Conduct on Wikipedia.


What led to Allan Ibanez’s arrest at IHOP?

Ibanez was arrested for disorderly conduct after causing a disturbance at IHOP by making lewd offers to show his genitals to patrons.

What happened after Ibanez’s release from jail?

Shortly after his release, Ibanez was arrested again for stealing donuts from a gas station, further complicating his legal troubles.

How did Ibanez’s behavior affect the IHOP patrons?

His behavior at IHOP made patrons uncomfortable and disrupted their dining experience, leading to his initial arrest for disorderly conduct.


Original article: Lewd Offering Was On Menu At IHOP | The Smoking Gun

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