Texas Man Arrested for Stealing Lingerie and Adult Toys from Boutique

Jaquan Thompson, a 23-year-old from Texas, was arrested for stealing a variety of items, including 21 teddies, anal beads, lubricant, and heels from a Houston adult boutique. This incident adds to Thompson’s history of legal troubles, including a pending felony robbery charge.

Quick Facts

  • Lingerie Heist: Thompson is accused of a grab-and-run theft at Katz Boutique, taking items valued at $1100.
  • Previous Legal Issues: Already facing a felony robbery charge, Thompson’s latest arrest complicates his legal situation.
  • No Bond Set: Due to a spate of recent cases, a magistrate judge declined to set bond for Thompson, who has a history of criminal convictions.

The theft occurred at the Katz Boutique in Houston, where Thompson allegedly grabbed the items from the checkout counter and fled. The stolen merchandise included not only lingerie but also adult toys, with the total value estimated at $1100.

Thompson was arrested by Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies and booked on a misdemeanor theft count. His arrest is particularly notable given his existing legal troubles, including a felony robbery charge from June 2019, where he is accused of striking a victim during the crime.

Thompson’s criminal history includes convictions for various offenses, including criminal trespass, unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest, theft, auto burglary, and criminal mischief. His repeated run-ins with the law reflect ongoing challenges with criminal behavior and recidivism.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Theft is central to this case. Theft, also known as larceny, involves the unauthorized taking of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive them of it permanently. The severity of theft charges can vary based on the value of the stolen items and the circumstances of the crime. For more information, visit Theft on Wikipedia.


What items did Thompson steal from the boutique?

Thompson stole 21 teddies, anal beads, lubricant, a pair of heels, and other items from the adult boutique, totaling approximately $1100 in value.

What are the implications of Thompson’s latest arrest?

This arrest adds to Thompson’s legal troubles, as he was already facing a felony robbery charge. The latest theft could impact his existing case and lead to further legal consequences.

How does Thompson’s criminal history affect his current situation?

Thompson’s extensive criminal history, including prior convictions, influences the judicial response to his latest offense, leading to the decision not to set bond and potentially harsher penalties.


Original article: Police Capture Alleged Texas Lingerie Thief | The Smoking Gun


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