Florida Man Named Walter White Arrested for Probation Violation in Meth Case

Walter White, a 29-year-old Florida resident, was arrested for violating the terms of his probation following a felony methamphetamine conviction. This incident involved a man sharing his name with the fictional character from the TV show “Breaking Bad.”

Quick Facts

  • Probation Violation: White was arrested by Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputies for allegedly violating his probation conditions set after a meth possession conviction.
  • Initial Arrest Details: White’s initial arrest involved possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, discovered during a child welfare case investigation.
  • Legal Proceedings: White is being held without bond in the Lake County jail, awaiting a court appearance scheduled for January 29.

White’s arrest in November came as sheriff’s deputies searched a Winter Haven residence during a narcotics-related child welfare case. They found White in possession of a loaded syringe containing methamphetamine, along with other drug paraphernalia. At his December 10 sentencing, White received 18 months of probation, including a curfew, random drug testing, and an alcohol ban.

The specifics of how White violated his probation terms are not detailed in court records. However, his arrest underscores the challenges of probation compliance, particularly in cases involving substance abuse. White’s case has garnered attention due to his name’s coincidence with the fictional meth dealer from “Breaking Bad.”

For Further ReadingThe concept of Probation Violation is central to this case. Probation violation occurs when an individual breaks the terms or conditions of their probation. The consequences can include extended probation, increased fines, or jail time. Probation is often used as an alternative to prison and is subject to strict compliance with its terms. For more information, visit Probation on Wikipedia.


What led to Walter White’s initial arrest?

White was initially arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, discovered during a police search related to a child welfare case.

What are the terms of White’s probation?

His probation terms included an 18-month period with a curfew, random drug testing, and an alcohol ban, following his conviction for meth possession.

How does White’s case reflect challenges in probation compliance?

White’s arrest for probation violation highlights the difficulties individuals often face in adhering to probation terms, especially in cases involving drug offenses and addiction.


Original article: Walter White Behind Bars In Meth Case | The Smoking Gun

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