Iowa Man Arrested for Assaulting Burger King Employee Over Coupon Dispute

Jeremiah Wenzel, a 34-year-old from Iowa, was arrested for assaulting a Burger King employee after his coupon was not honored. This violent reaction escalated to Wenzel throwing a cell phone at the worker and striking him in the head, causing injury.

Quick Facts

  • Coupon Conflict: Wenzel became enraged when a Burger King employee in Cedar Rapids refused to accept his coupon, leading to a physical altercation.
  • Violent Response: After throwing his phone at the employee, Wenzel climbed over the counter and hit the worker with the phone, drawing blood.
  • Legal Consequences: Wenzel was arrested for assault causing bodily injury and is scheduled for a court hearing on the misdemeanor charge.

The incident, which took place on January 15, began when Wenzel attempted to use a coupon at the fast-food restaurant. Upon being told the coupon would not be honored, he threw his cell phone at the 43-year-old male employee. The situation escalated when Wenzel, accompanied by his mother and another woman, climbed over the counter to retrieve his phone and subsequently struck the employee over the head with it.

The assault, recorded by another customer, resulted in the Burger King worker sustaining a head injury and bleeding. Wenzel fled the scene but was later arrested at his family’s home. The incident highlights the potential for minor disputes to escalate into serious criminal behavior.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Assault is central to this case. Assault is an intentional act that creates a reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact. It can range from threats and attempts to actual physical contact. Assault charges can vary in severity based on the degree of harm and the circumstances under which the incident occurred. For more information, visit Assault on Wikipedia.


What led to Jeremiah Wenzel’s arrest?

Wenzel was arrested following his aggressive actions at Burger King, where he assaulted an employee over a coupon dispute, causing bodily harm.

What are the charges against Wenzel?

He faces charges of assault causing bodily injury, a misdemeanor, reflecting the physical harm inflicted on the Burger King employee.

How did the situation escalate to physical violence?

The conflict escalated when Wenzel’s coupon was not accepted, leading him to throw his phone at the employee and then physically strike him over the head with it.


Original article: Burger King Worker Attacked Over Coupon | The Smoking Gun

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