Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Using Son as Human Shield Against Police

Daniel Taylor, a 35-year-old from Pennsylvania, was arrested after using his 11-year-old son as a human shield to avoid being tased by police. This distressing incident occurred during a police operation to execute an arrest warrant at Taylor’s residence.

Quick Facts

  • Desperate Avoidance: Taylor, found hiding in his attic, used his frightened son as a shield against police officers armed with a stun gun.
  • Child Endangerment: The incident led to charges against Taylor for aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a minor, both felonies.
  • Police Operation: Despite the initial struggle and a misfired stun gun, police successfully subdued and arrested Taylor.

When state troopers arrived at Taylor’s Cambria County home, they discovered him hiding in the attic. Refusing to surrender, Taylor grabbed his 11-year-old son, who was crying and frightened, and held him in front of himself to prevent the officers from using their stun gun.

The situation escalated as officers attempted to pull the boy from Taylor’s grasp. In the ensuing struggle, a stun gun was accidentally deployed against a state trooper. However, a second attempt to use the stun gun was successful, leading to Taylor’s arrest.

Taylor, now in custody, faces serious charges for his actions, which put his child in grave danger. The incident highlights the extreme lengths to which individuals may go to evade law enforcement, especially when children are unfortunately involved.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Child Endangerment is central to this case. Child endangerment refers to an act or omission that places a child in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment. This can include a range of behaviors from neglect to active abuse. For more information, visit Child Endangerment on Wikipedia.


What was Taylor’s initial reason for arrest?

While the specific charges leading to the arrest warrant are unclear, Taylor’s actions during the police operation led to additional charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment.

How did the police eventually subdue Taylor?

After a failed initial attempt with a stun gun, which accidentally hit a state trooper, police successfully used the stun gun in a second attempt, enabling them to arrest Taylor.

What are the implications of using a child as a human shield?

Using a child as a human shield is a serious criminal offense, often leading to charges of child endangerment and aggravated assault, reflecting the grave risk posed to the child’s safety.


Original article: Wanted Man Used Son, 11, As Human Shield | The Smoking Gun

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