Alan Dershowitz Compares Hamas-Supporting Harvard Students to the KKK

Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, during a segment on the Sean Hannity Show, equated Harvard students expressing support for Hamas to the KKK, suggesting they should face similar societal consequences.

Quick Facts

  • Platform: Sean Hannity Show, where Dershowitz expressed his views.
  • Comparison: Dershowitz likened Hamas-supporting Harvard students to the KKK and neo-Nazis.
  • UC-Berkeley Stance: Dershowitz praised a UC-Berkeley professor who advised against hiring such students.

Alan Dershowitz’s comments have stirred controversy, as he drew parallels between students supporting Hamas and extremist groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis. He emphasized that such individuals should not be employed, echoing the sentiments of a UC-Berkeley professor who recently expressed a similar viewpoint. Dershowitz stated, “There should be no distinction between these neo-Nazis, the ones at Harvard, and the neo-Nazis who everybody would say that nobody should employ. I admire the professor from Berkeley who said: Don’t hire my students. My students — I would say the same thing. Don’t hire my students. You know, these are people who don’t deserve to be hired, and more importantly, your clients don’t deserve to be serviced by bigots, racists, and antisemites like this.”

Dershowitz’s stance is clear: he believes that supporting extremist ideologies, whether it’s Hamas or the KKK, should have tangible consequences in the real world, especially in professional settings. He further elaborated on this perspective in an article for the New York Post.

For Further ReadingThe issue of support for extremist ideologies in academic settings has been a topic of debate for years. While freedom of speech and expression are fundamental rights, the line between expressing an opinion and endorsing extremist views remains blurred. The debate revolves around the question of whether such endorsements should have real-world consequences, especially in professional and academic environments. [Wikipedia]


What was Alan Dershowitz’s main point regarding Hamas-supporting Harvard students?

Dershowitz equated Hamas-supporting Harvard students to extremist groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis, suggesting they should not be employed.

How did Dershowitz feel about the UC-Berkeley professor’s stance?

He praised the UC-Berkeley professor who advised against hiring students who support extremist ideologies.

Where else did Dershowitz express his views on this topic?

Dershowitz further elaborated on his perspective in an article for the New York Post.

Original article source: The Gateway Pundit

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