Trump Enthusiast Accused of Falsifying Deceased Father’s 2020 Ballot

Robert Rivernider, a staunch Trump supporter, faces allegations of forging his late father’s signature on a 2020 mail-in ballot, bringing his controversial past back into the limelight.

Quick Facts

  • Robert Rivernider, previously sentenced for financial fraud, is now accused of signing his deceased father’s 2020 election ballot.
  • Having served time for an investment scheme, Rivernider was granted early release due to health concerns amidst the COVID-19 prison outbreaks.
  • Rivernider made a bizarre legal motion in 2023, requesting the court to identify him as “HUNTER BIDEN” in all subsequent court dealings.

Robert Rivernider, a 58-year-old Trump devotee, is once again under the scanner. He was charged with fraud and forgery following suspicions that he forged his late father’s signature on a 2020 election mail-in ballot. This act was allegedly committed days after his father’s death, attributed to COVID-19. Further, a criminal complaint from Sumter County, Florida, revealed matching signatures between the 2020 ballot and Rivernider’s own, but not with earlier samples of his father’s handwriting.

In 2013, Rivernider pleaded guilty to deceiving investors by misrepresenting real estate investment properties, leading to his 12-year prison sentence. This conviction was in the District of Connecticut, under the purview of U.S. Attorney John Durham. Rivernider’s incarceration was cut short due to his heart conditions and the widespread COVID-19 cases in federal prisons. However, upon release, Rivernider became an active figure in Trump support groups in Florida, even securing a role as a GOP field organizer in Florida and Georgia. Despite these engagements, he has been at odds with the restitution plan set for his past crimes, leading him to challenge his convictions.

Adding to the intrigue, in June 2023, Rivernider, representing himself, filed a motion accusing the “Department of INjustice” of mocking the rule of law. In this audacious move, he requested to be recognized as “HUNTER BIDEN” in all future court interactions. His demands also included case dismissal and apologies from the court to the defendants and their families. Judge Chatigny, however, dismissed Rivernider’s motion, labeling it “frivolous.”

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Why is Robert Rivernider’s past relevant to this case?
Rivernider’s history of financial fraud brings context to his current charges and paints a picture of his past behaviors and convictions, potentially impacting public and legal perception.

What was the basis of Rivernider’s previous conviction?
He was convicted for misleading investors in a real estate scheme, making false representations about property investments.

Why did Rivernider want to be identified as “HUNTER BIDEN” in court?
It’s part of a bizarre legal motion, potentially aimed at drawing attention to perceived injustices he believes he’s facing. Source: The Smoking Gun

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