Alligators Retrieved from Pennsylvania Residence Following Surprise Appearance on Neighbor’s Porch

Residents of Kiski Township, Pennsylvania, were taken aback when a man found a large alligator on his doorstep, which led to the discovery of nine other alligators at a neighboring property.

Quick Facts

  • Unexpected Visitor: Tony Gularsky of Kiski Township encountered a 5-6 foot long alligator lounging at his front door, warning others of its presence.
  • Origins Revealed: The alligator’s presence was linked to Dominic Hayward, Gularsky’s neighbor, known for harboring about 10 such creatures at his residence.
  • Legal Implications: Hayward was apprehended last month for the inappropriate sale and transportation of certain animals, with some advertised on Craigslist.

On a seemingly ordinary day in Kiski Township, Pennsylvania, Tony Gularsky experienced the shock of his life. Upon opening his front door, he was greeted not by a friendly neighbor or a stray cat, but by a sizable alligator. This reptilian intruder, measuring between 5 to 6 feet, had stationed itself right at Gularsky’s entrance, effectively barring him from leaving his residence.

Although the initial shock was immense, the mystery of the alligator’s origin soon unraveled. A neighboring resident, Dominic Hayward, was known for keeping a collection of alligators at his home. Gularsky stated it was only a matter of time before one of them ventured out. Further investigations revealed that Hayward was previously taken into custody for the illegal sale and transport of certain animals. It was also found that Hayward had advertised some of his reptilian pets for sale on Craigslist. Subsequent to the discovery on Gularsky’s porch, a complete round-up was launched to secure the other alligators from Hayward’s property.

The retrieval process was tedious but successful. The authorities, with the assistance of the Armstrong County Humane Officer, Amber Phillips, ensured that all the alligators were safely contained. As for their future, the alligators are set to be transported to sanctuaries in the South, ensuring a safer environment for them, away from the residential neighborhoods of Kiski Township.

For Further ReadingAlligator: Alligators are large reptiles, native to the southeastern US and China. They are similar to crocodiles but can be distinguished by their broader snouts and different tooth structures. While these creatures are intriguing, they can be dangerous and are best observed from a distance. Often found in freshwater environments like swamps and marshes, alligators play a vital role in their ecosystems. [Wikipedia]


How did the alligator end up on Gularsky’s porch?
The alligator is believed to have ventured out from the residence of Dominic Hayward, a neighbor known for keeping multiple alligators.

What actions were taken after the discovery?
A full-scale round-up was launched to retrieve the other alligators from Hayward’s property, ensuring their safe relocation to appropriate sanctuaries.

Is it legal to own alligators in Pennsylvania?
In Pennsylvania, individuals can legally own non-native amphibians and reptiles as long as they are not released into the wild. However, there are no specific state permits required for keeping alligators.

Original article sourced from: New York Post

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