Indianapolis Authorities Safely Secure Escaped Monkey, Momo

Indianapolis officials have safely captured Momo, an escaped patas monkey, and transported him to a local zoo for a veterinary check-up.

Quick Facts

  • Momo, a patas monkey, escaped from his residence on the east side of Indianapolis and was later found in an abandoned house.
  • The Indianapolis Metro Police Department played a crucial role in Momo’s capture, securing him in a bathroom until further assistance arrived.
  • While Momo’s owner faces citations for the monkey’s intimidating behavior, there were no recorded injuries caused by the animal.

The incident began when the Indianapolis Metro Police Department was alerted to a patas monkey named Momo, who had fled from his home in the eastern part of the city. His escape was notably concerning to local residents and officials, given the potential risks associated with a wild animal roaming the streets. In a particularly alarming situation, a 911 call was made by a resident who reported that Momo was attempting to enter her house. However, upon the arrival of officers, the elusive monkey retreated to nearby woods, displaying his adeptness at evading capture.

The search for Momo took a significant turn when he was tracked to an abandoned house. Demonstrating their expertise and caution, the police managed to confine Momo to a bathroom within the property. This strategy proved beneficial as it provided a controlled environment and reduced potential threats to both Momo and the officers. The owner’s brother soon arrived at the scene, playing a pivotal role in pacifying the agitated monkey. His intervention ensured that Momo could be handed over to animal care services without further complications.

Subsequently, Momo was transported to the Indianapolis Zoo. There, a team of veterinary experts was tasked with assessing his health and overall well-being after the ordeal. The incident raised questions regarding the responsibility of exotic pet owners. As a consequence, Momo’s owner was cited for the monkey’s aggressive behavior towards pedestrians. Lt. William Carter clarified that there hadn’t been any instances of Momo causing physical harm to anyone. With monkeys being legal pets in Indianapolis, the incident has reignited discussions on the implications and challenges of housing such animals in urban settings.

For Further ReadingPatas Monkey: The patas monkey, also known as the wadi monkey or hussar monkey, is a ground-dwelling monkey distributed across semi-arid areas of West Africa, and into East Africa. It’s the only species classified under the genus Erythrocebus. These monkeys are recognized for their long legs, aiding in their swift terrestrial movement. They have a complex social structure and are known to cover large distances in search of food. Their adaptive nature allows them to thrive in diverse habitats, ranging from grasslands to desert-like regions. [Wikipedia]


Was anyone harmed during Momo’s escape?

No, while Momo did chase people in a menacing manner, there were no reports of him biting or injuring anyone.

What kind of monkey is Momo?

Momo is a patas monkey, known for being ground-dwelling and having long legs that aid in fast movement.

Will Momo be returned to his owner?

The article does not specify whether Momo will be returned to his owner following the incident.

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