Cyberattack Costs MGM Casino $100M in Las Vegas

MGM Casino in Las Vegas faced a severe cyberattack in September, resulting in an approximate financial setback of $100 million.

Quick Facts

  • Cyberattack Impact: The breach exposed personal information of an undisclosed number of MGM customers, including date of birth, email, phone numbers, and postal addresses.
  • Operational Disruption: As a consequence of the attack, slot machines were disabled, employees lost access to work emails, and hotel key cards malfunctioned.
  • Company Statement: MGM revealed that their insurance would cover the losses and that customer banking and payment card data remained uncompromised.

The incident, which transpired in the month of September, led to a significant exposure of MGM Casino’s customer data. Information such as the date of birth, phone numbers, email and postal addresses were laid bare, along with sensitive data like driver’s license numbers. Even more alarming was the unauthorized access to some customer’s passport and social security numbers during the breach.

However, the ramifications of the cyberattack weren’t just limited to data breach. MGM’s operations faced tangible disruptions. Many of the casino’s slot machines were rendered inoperative, the hotel’s key card system faltered, and employees were locked out of their official email accounts temporarily. Such setbacks have prompted concerns over the potential ramifications on MGM’s financial performance, with the company projecting a negative impact on its third quarter results for 2023, primarily in its Las Vegas operations.

There’s a glimmer of hope, though, amidst the adversity. MGM assures that its insurance is poised to cover the incurred losses, and the company has been proactive in restoring customer-facing services. Furthermore, the casino operator stated that to their current understanding, sensitive financial data, including customer passwords, bank account specifics, and payment card details, weren’t accessed by the perpetrators.

For Further Reading

CyberattacksCyberattacks are malicious activities aimed at disrupting, damaging, or accessing information systems unauthorizedly. They can range from simple malware disruptions to large-scale data breaches, impacting individuals and organizations alike. As our reliance on digital platforms grows, the threat landscape evolves, making cybersecurity a pivotal concern. For a deeper understanding, consult the Wikipedia article on Cyberattacks.


What kind of information was accessed in the breach?
The breach exposed personal details like date of birth, email, phone numbers, and postal addresses, along with more sensitive data such as driver’s license, passport, and social security numbers of some MGM customers.

How has MGM responded post the cyberattack?
MGM has taken steps to restore customer-facing services. Additionally, they have confirmed that their insurance will cover the incurred financial losses from the breach.

Is there any financial data of customers at risk?
As per MGM’s current understanding, the perpetrators didn’t access customer passwords, bank account details, or payment card information.


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