Speculations Rise Over Russia-North Korea Relations Following Kim Jong Un’s Visit

Recent Visit of Kim Jong Un to Russia Sparks Discussions on Potential Military Cooperation

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to Russia has ignited speculations and discussions on the potential for closer ties between Russia and North Korea, and how this could pose a threat to the U.S. The visit reportedly involved negotiations on an arms sale agreement, a claim that the Kremlin has denied and remains unverified.

Facts of the News
Kim Jong Un recently visited Russia, sparking discussions on potential Russia-North Korea military cooperation
The Kremlin denies negotiations on an arms sale agreement during Kim’s visit
U.S warns of consequences and potential sanctions in case of a Russia-North Korea arms deal

During a segment on Russia-1 channel, political scientist Sergey Mikheyev expressed optimism about the blossoming ties between the two nations, indicating that it could create problems for the U.S through military and technical cooperation. Mikheyev even suggested that North Korea might gain access to hypersonic technologies, enhancing the precision of its missiles to target specific U.S locations.

“Comrade Kim might get access to hypersonic technologies, then his missiles won’t just fly all over the place, but right where the old fart (President Joe) Biden is sitting,” Mikheyev said. He emphasized that North Korea’s leader has nothing to lose, contrasting with Russia and China’s stance on the use of such weapons due to their respective ties with the West.

Mikheyev’s remarks were met with indulgence from other guests on the program, including anchor Vladimir Solovyov, a Putin ally. The conversation even ventured into imagining North Korean nuclear-powered submarines patrolling the U.S Pacific Coast. Despite the speculative nature of the discussion, it highlighted the potential for increased military cooperation between Russia and North Korea, and the consequent threats it could pose to the U.S.

Hypersonic Technologies Defined
Hypersonic technologies refer to weapons and flight vehicles that can travel at speeds much faster than the speed of sound, often at Mach 5 or above. These technologies offer enhanced precision and are a focal point in modern military developments. Learn more about hypersonic technologies on Wikipedia.

What are the implications of closer ties between Russia and North Korea?

Closer ties between Russia and North Korea, especially in terms of military cooperation, could potentially alter the geopolitical dynamics significantly. It might escalate tensions between the U.S and both countries, with the U.S already warning of consequences including further sanctions in case of an arms deal.

What kind of technologies was Mikheyev referring to in the discussion?

Mikheyev was referring to hypersonic technologies, which involve weapons and flight vehicles capable of traveling at speeds much faster than the speed of sound, offering enhanced precision in targeting. The discussion, although speculative, brought forth the potential threats such technologies could pose if accessed by North Korea.

How has the U.S responded to the developments?

The U.S has expressed concerns over the potential consequences of closer military cooperation between Russia and North Korea. It has warned of further sanctions if an arms deal is agreed upon. The situation demands careful navigation from Russia to avoid triggering new sanctions, as advised by the U.S-based think tank, Institute for the Study of War.

Source: Newsweek

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