Drew Barrymore’s Alleged Stalker Arrested Again, This Time Seeking Emma Watson

Chad Busto Faces Arrest Once More, Now for Disrupting a Fashion Show in Search of Emma Watson

Chad Busto, previously charged with stalking Drew Barrymore, has been arrested again, this time for allegedly trying to find actor Emma Watson backstage at a fashion show held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Busto was charged with two counts each of trespassing and disorderly conduct after he reportedly broke into the backstage area, causing a disruption by loudly expressing his desire to marry Watson.

Facts of the News
Chad Busto was arrested for trying to find Emma Watson backstage at a fashion show
Busto was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct
He had previously been charged with stalking Drew Barrymore

Busto, 43, allegedly entered a dressing area occupied by people working at the fashion show and repeatedly screamed his wishes to marry Emma Watson, disrupting several individuals present. The police report states that Busto unlawfully entered the building “with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm.” It remains unclear whether Watson was present at the event space during the incident.

The arrest occurred on Friday, with Busto being arraigned on Saturday where he pleaded not guilty. He has been granted supervised release and is due back in court on October 2nd in connection with this incident. The event was attended by several stars including Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, and James Marsden, although it is not confirmed if Watson was there.

This is not Busto’s first encounter with the law; he was arrested on August 24th for searching for Drew Barrymore’s residence in Long Island, just days after he disrupted an onstage panel hosted by Barrymore in Manhattan. During that incident, he approached the stage shouting his name and insisting on meeting Barrymore, leading to a charge of fourth-degree stalking, a class B misdemeanor.

Arraignment Defined
An arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal charging document in the presence of the defendant, to inform them of the charges against them. In response to arraignment, the defendant is expected to enter a plea. Learn more about the arraignment process on Wikipedia.

What charges is Chad Busto facing?

Chad Busto is facing two counts each of trespassing and disorderly conduct following his recent arrest. These charges stem from his alleged unlawful entry into a restricted area during a fashion show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where he caused a disruption by loudly expressing a desire to marry Emma Watson.

Has Chad Busto had previous run-ins with the law?

Yes, Chad Busto was previously arrested on charges of stalking Drew Barrymore. This arrest occurred after he was seen searching for Barrymore’s residence in Long Island and disrupting an onstage panel she was hosting in Manhattan, where he insisted on meeting her. He was charged with fourth-degree stalking, a class B misdemeanor, in that incident.

What are the next steps in this case?

Following his arraignment where he pleaded not guilty, Chad Busto has been granted supervised release. He is scheduled to appear in court again on October 2nd to address the charges stemming from his recent arrest involving the disruption at the fashion show while allegedly seeking Emma Watson.

Source: NBC News

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