N.R.A. to Overhaul Charity It’s Accused of Using as a ‘Piggy Bank’


N.R.A. to Overhaul Charity It’s Accused of Using as a ‘Piggy Bank’

N.R.A. Promises Overhaul of Charity Accused of Misusing Funds

The National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) has reached a settlement with the District of Columbia’s attorney general, agreeing to make governance changes to address allegations of misusing funds by an affiliated charity. The foundation was accused of using tax-deductible donations for non-charitable purposes.

Quick Facts

  • The N.R.A. settled with the D.C. attorney general over governance changes.
  • The foundation was accused of misusing charitable donations for political activities.
  • The settlement requires new rules and oversight to track fund usage within the organizations.

For years, the N.R.A. utilized the foundation’s funds to support its own financial needs, drawing criticism for illegally diverting charitable donations meant for non-political activities. Despite the settlement being portrayed as a victory by the N.R.A., the attorney general has highlighted the foundation’s diversion of millions of dollars to the N.R.A. as an unchecked misuse of charitable resources.

Furthermore, the embattled gun rights group has faced legal challenges, including a recent case where its leader was found liable for misspending organization funds. Additionally, internal audits have revealed a significant decline in membership and revenue, leading to financial strain and regulatory scrutiny.

As part of the settlement, the N.R.A. has agreed to implement stricter governance measures and financial oversight to ensure charitable funds are used for their intended purposes. The group faces ongoing legal and financial challenges amidst efforts to restore public trust and address allegations of mismanagement.


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