Kaylee Gain is walking, ‘greatly improved’ less than 2 months after having head slammed into ground near school


Kaylee Gain Shows Remarkable Improvement, Walking Less Than 2 Months After Brutal Attack Near School

Kaylee Gain is “greatly improved” and walking again less than two months after suffering horrific brain injuries from having her head repeatedly slammed into the ground during a fight near her school, her family has revealed. Read the full article here.

Quick Facts

  • Kaylee Gain, 16, is making remarkable progress after a brutal attack near her school.
  • She is walking with little to no assistance but still requires a helmet for safety.
  • Kaylee will need further surgery to repair her missing bone flap.

Kaylee’s parents, Clint and Jaime Gain, shared in a GoFundMe update that she has made significant physical progress, walking with minimal assistance and wearing a helmet for safety due to the missing bone flap. The 16-year-old will undergo another surgery to repair the bone flap in the future. Cognitively, Kaylee has also shown great improvement since waking up from her coma, but there is still a long road ahead for her full recovery.

On March 8, Kaylee was involved in a violent altercation near her St. Louis high school, resulting in severe head injuries. The disturbing footage captured the other girl repeatedly slamming Kaylee’s skull into the pavement while onlookers watched in shock. After being in a coma for several days, Kaylee has since regained consciousness and has started speaking short phrases or sentences.

Kaylee’s journey to recovery is ongoing, and her family continues to be amazed by her progress, emphasizing the need for further rehabilitation to help her return to her pre-incident self.


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