China just proved why Congress wants to ban TikTok


China’s Pressure on TikTok Ban Bill Reveals Concerns

China’s recent lobbying against the TikTok ban bill has underscored the reasons behind Congress’s efforts to prohibit the app’s operations in the US. The Chinese Embassy’s reported intervention has brought attention to the ongoing debate surrounding TikTok’s potential risks.

Quick Facts

  • Officials from the Chinese Embassy lobbied against the bipartisan bill that seeks to compel TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to divest from the app within 180 days.
  • Critics have raised concerns about ByteDance’s alleged ties to the Chinese government and its potential access to sensitive US user information.
  • Amid fears of foreign influence, congressional officials worry about China leveraging TikTok to meddle in future elections.

Despite TikTok’s assurances, concerns over ByteDance’s ties to the Chinese government persist, with the company facing accusations of sharing sensitive US user data. The proposed legislation, which has garnered bipartisan support, aims to address these concerns by compelling ByteDance to distance itself from the app.

Moreover, the potential use of TikTok as a tool for election interference has raised alarms among congressional officials, particularly in light of China’s reported social media influence in other countries. With over 100 million monthly American users, TikTok’s reach and influence on US users’ access to news further compound these concerns.

TikTok has vigorously opposed the bill, mobilizing its US-based user community to lobby against it. The Chinese Embassy’s recent pressure tactics have only deepened the rift between TikTok and congressional leaders, further solidifying their determination to address national security risks associated with the app.

President Joe Biden has signaled his support for the bill, despite potential implications for his reelection prospects. If enacted, the legislation will force ByteDance to sever its ties with TikTok, signaling a significant shift in the app’s operations within the US.



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