Biden chokes up while talking about Beau and Trump’s remarks on service members


Biden Expresses Emotion Discussing Beau and Trump’s Comments on Service Members

President Joe Biden became emotional during a speech in Pittsburgh, recalling former President Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about service members. He referenced Trump’s reported refusal to visit American gravesites and his derogatory comments about fallen soldiers, labeling them as “suckers” and “losers.”

Quick Facts

  • President Biden emotionally addressed Trump’s derogatory remarks about service members during a speech in Pittsburgh.
  • Trump reportedly declined to visit an American cemetery in 2018 and made disparaging comments about fallen soldiers.
  • Biden’s emotional response marks a significant escalation in his criticism of Trump’s remarks about service members.

President Biden’s poignant comments referred to Trump’s reported refusal to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery during a 2018 trip to Paris and his alleged derogatory remarks about fallen soldiers. Former White House chief of staff John Kelly confirmed the statements, which were first reported by The Atlantic. In response, the Trump campaign denied the allegations, calling them an attempt to divert attention from Biden’s perceived weaknesses as Commander in Chief.

In his speech, Biden expressed his deep emotional connection to the issue, tying it directly to his son and uncle, who both served in the military. This marks a significant escalation in Biden’s criticism of Trump’s comments about service members, as he openly expressed anger and disbelief at Trump’s remarks, emphasizing the heroism of American soldiers and garnering strong support from the audience.

During his visit to Pittsburgh, Biden highlighted how his recent visit to a war memorial in Scranton reminded him of Trump’s comments, further underscoring the emotional impact of the issue on the President.

This article was originally published on NBC News.