Simone Biles Opened up About Feeling ‘Hurt’ By the Backlash to Her Husband’s ‘Catch’ Comments


Simone Biles Addresses Backlash Over Husband’s ‘Catch’ Comments

Simone Biles, the renowned gymnast, has spoken out about the hurtful backlash she faced due to comments made by her husband, NFL player Jonathan Owens. Fast approaching her one year wedding anniversary, Biles revealed her feelings about the public reaction to her husband’s remarks.

Quick Facts

  • Simone Biles discusses the impact of backlash to her husband’s comments on a recent podcast appearance.
  • Jonathan Owens’ comments about being the “catch” in their relationship sparked controversy and criticism.
  • Biles emphasizes her support for her husband and addresses the hurtful nature of the unsolicited feedback.

Simone Biles recently opened up about the impact of the public backlash to her husband’s comments. During a joint podcast appearance with Owens, he made remarks that sparked controversy and criticism. Biles stood by her husband at the time, but she has now revealed the true impact of the negative feedback on her. She expressed how hurtful it was to see so much unsolicited and, in her view, incorrect feedback about her marriage.

Biles emphasized that she did not find Owens’ comments offensive and described him as a kind and supportive husband. She expressed her dismay at the hurtful comments directed towards her husband, highlighting his positive qualities and the impact of the negative feedback on her emotions. Biles’ candid revelation provides insight into the personal impact of public scrutiny on public figures and their loved ones.

Despite the wave of comments being ostensibly supportive of Biles, she revealed that it was hurtful to witness such widespread and, in her opinion, inaccurate feedback about her marriage. Her openness about the emotional toll of this experience sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures in managing public perceptions and addressing hurtful commentary.


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