Pat McAfee, co-hosts lambaste ESPN colleagues’ Bill Belichick reporting: ‘I’m glad we’re not a part of it’


Pat McAfee and Co-Hosts Criticize ESPN Colleagues’ Bill Belichick Reporting

**Pat McAfee**, co-host of the popular program, expressed strong disapproval of ESPN’s recent report on **Bill Belichick**. The report detailed the Atlanta Falcons’ decision not to include Belichick in their top three head coaching candidates, as well as New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s alleged advice to Arthur Blank regarding the eight-time Super Bowl winner.

Quick Facts

  • The Atlanta Falcons did not list Bill Belichick in their top three head coaching candidates.
  • New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft advised Arthur Blank not to trust Belichick.
  • Belichick was mentioned to potentially only coach again in the NFL with Jerry Jones in Dallas.

Pat McAfee and his co-hosts were critical of the report, questioning the validity of the anonymous quotes and the overall context of the story, expressing their disapproval of ESPN’s approach. McAfee also took the opportunity to announce Belichick’s participation in the program’s Draft Spectacular next week, a move that may serve as a response to the recent controversy.

McAfee has a history of openly criticizing ESPN members, and his recent remarks indicate a strong stance against the network’s reporting. Belichick, a significant figure in NFL history, is now facing an uncertain future after 24 seasons as the head coach of the New England Patriots, marking the end of an era in NFL coaching.

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