Dog Abandoned in Park With Heartbreaking Note on Collar


Dog Abandoned in Australian Park With Heartbreaking Note on Collar

An abandoned dog was found with a heartbreaking note attached to his collar at an Australian park in January, just one instance of thousands the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has dealt with over the past year. The note left on Charlie, a 1-year-old American Staffordshire, said he could not stay at his previous location as the owner feared for his safety. The RSPCA Queensland wrote in an April 10 Instagram post that the situation is “incredibly sad” for Charlie and the family.

Quick Facts

  • An abandoned dog, Charlie, was discovered with a note on his collar in an Australian park in January.
  • The note stated that Charlie’s previous owner feared for his safety, prompting the abandonment.
  • Following his ordeal, Charlie was taken in by a foster family.

The note left on Charlie revealed that his previous owners had to leave him behind for their own safety and his. They feared that staying in his previous location would have led to harm and homelessness for the family. Charlie’s gentle nature was described in the note, and it was soon noticed by RSPCA Queensland that he needed time to feel comfortable around people.

After some time in the shelter, he began to relax and showed his super affectionate and eager-to-please nature. A foster family stepped up to take him in and give him a break from shelter life. This heartbreaking story is not uncommon, as the RSPCA has seen a surge in abandonment calls, linked in part to cost-of-living increases. Since April 2023, RSPCA QLD has received 2,186 reports of dogs being abandoned or abandoned with other welfare concerns.

Charlie’s story stirred emotions among the public, garnering over 1,480 likes and 40 comments on Instagram, where viewers expressed their sympathies for his plight and the unfortunate reality faced by many animals. This heartrending account serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of animals in such circumstances.