Atlas, a Humanoid Robot Used for Research, Is Leaping Into Retirement


Atlas, the humanoid robot that has captured attention for over a decade with its outdoor running, dancing, and back flips, is retiring. Boston Dynamics has announced the arrival of a new generation of humanoid robots, designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Quick Facts

  • Atlas, the famous humanoid robot, is retiring after a decade of research and development.
  • Boston Dynamics has introduced a new fully electric robot, also named Atlas, for real-world commercial and industrial use.
  • The original Atlas made its public debut in 2013 and was used for research in robotics and mobility.

Atlas was initially developed for research purposes and was not designed for commercial use. It was part of a competition to advance the use of robots in natural and man-made disasters, sponsored by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Boston Dynamics announced that the retired Atlas will be displayed in their office lobby museum alongside other decommissioned robots.

The farewell video posted by Boston Dynamics highlighted Atlas’s achievements and mishaps over the years, showcasing its full-body mobility and technical capabilities. The new generation Atlas, featuring advanced capabilities and a sleek design, will be utilized for automotive manufacturing with Hyundai Motor Company, the owner of Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics’ commercial lineup also includes Spot, a four-legged robot, and Stretch, an elongated warehouse platform. The company’s commitment to delivering capable and useful mobile robots for industrial challenges is further exemplified by the introduction of the new Atlas model.


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