Victoria Beckham’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Harper Makes Another Appearance on Kim Kardashian’s IG


Victoria Beckham’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Harper Makes Another Appearance on Kim Kardashian’s IG

Harper Beckham’s Latest Appearance on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

**Victoria Beckham’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Harper** made another appearance on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, marking the second crossover event between the two celebrity families. Kim and Victoria are collaborating to introduce their daughters into the fashion world, with Harper and North making notable appearances.

Quick Facts

  • Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are working together to launch their daughters into Gen Alpha fashion fame.
  • Harper Beckham’s confident pose in a baby blue dress with a black floral pattern garnered attention on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Story.
  • Harper Beckham’s early exposure to fashion and her chic sense of style have positioned her as an heiress to the fashion empire of her parents.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories to wish Victoria Beckham a happy birthday, sharing a glamorous photo of the two of them and expressing her admiration for Victoria’s humor and glamour. She also posted a photo of herself with Victoria and Harper, with Harper confidently posing in a stylish baby blue dress with a black floral pattern, reminiscent of the early 2000s fashion. This photo was originally posted to Kim’s IG last summer when the Beckhams joined Kardashian for an Inter Miami game.

Victoria Beckham, known for her sleek fashion choices, wore a black jumpsuit, while Kardashian opted for a hot pink Chanel fanny pack. The two stylish women have shown mutual admiration, with Kim attending Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week show in September 2023, where her sister Kendall Jenner walked the runway.

Harper Beckham’s introduction to the fashion world began at an early age, with her mother expressing the desire for one of her children to work in fashion. Harper, known for her chic and stylish choices, had her first draping lesson at the age of four. The Beckhams celebrated Harper’s twelfth birthday with a “Prada Party,” highlighting her growing influence in the fashion world.


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