Trump connections, legal woes, kittens and travel


Former WWE Leader Vince McMahon Faces Legal Woes Amid Travel and Connections with Trump

Former WWE leader Vince McMahon is facing legal challenges while maintaining connections with former President Donald Trump. As he navigates a series of legal battles, McMahon continues to travel, dine out, and stay in touch with friends and associates.

Quick Facts

  • McMahon resigned as executive chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment’s parent company following allegations of sexual abuse and trafficking.
  • He is currently facing a federal criminal investigation, although no charges have been filed against him.
  • Despite his resignation, McMahon remains linked to WWE, the global brand he built over more than four decades.

McMahon, 78, stepped down from his role after a former employee accused him of sexual abuse and trafficking. While he has not been charged, he is the subject of a federal criminal investigation. Despite his resignation, McMahon remains connected to WWE, the brand he has been associated with for over 40 years.

McMahon has not had any contact with company leaders and figureheads since his resignation. He also has not been involved in company matters, including communication with his son-in-law, WWE creative chief Paul “Triple H” Levesque, or his daughter, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, who previously played significant roles in the company.

Amid ongoing legal battles, McMahon has continued to travel and maintain his routines, seemingly unfazed by the legal challenges he is facing. He has also been in contact with former President Donald Trump, with whom he has a long-standing relationship dating back to the 1980s.


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