Mike Johnson Triples Down on Mortgaging American Future to Pay Off Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr Zelensky


Speaker Mike Johnson Plans to Pass Foreign Aid Package to Support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has announced that the House is set to vote on a foreign aid package that includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The package also combines additional measures to confront Russia, China, and Iran.

Quick Facts:

  • Speaker Mike Johnson plans a vote on a foreign aid package that includes billions of dollars for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.
  • Johnson aims to combine the aid package with measures to confront Russia, China, and Iran into a single rule for the House vote.
  • The four-subject rule requires all four bills to be lumped into one final package for the House to send to the Senate.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s strategy involves combining funding for Ukraine with aid for Israel and Taiwan to increase support for the overall package. By including multiple issues, Johnson aims to secure bipartisan support and protect his speakership. However, this move potentially risks alienating some members within his party who are critical of the standalone aid to Ukraine.

Johnson’s plan also relies on the House’s parliamentary procedure, hoping for rare crossover votes from Democratic members on a rule vote. The complex structure of the rule will ultimately determine the fate of the aid package, potentially setting a precedent for the future.

The House’s upcoming decision holds significant implications, as it will affect the allocation of tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid, particularly the substantial funding proposed for Ukraine alongside measures addressing other global security concerns.

Sen. J.D. Vance and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have expressed concerns and objections regarding Johnson’s approach, emphasizing potential repercussions and political ramifications.

As the House prepares for the vote, tensions rise as members navigate the complexities and implications of this critical decision, which carries far-reaching consequences for international relations and security.


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