Latest macOS Ventura update has been a nightmare for users with old Macs


Latest macOS Ventura update has turned into a nightmare for **users with old Macs**. Since its release a month ago, numerous complaints have surfaced regarding broken features and various issues for users owning 2017 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or the last 12-inch MacBook. The problems have persisted despite the initial response suggesting a wait-and-see approach.

Quick Facts

  • Many users of 2017 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or the last 12-inch MacBook have reported issues with the latest macOS Ventura update.
  • Complaints include problems with Touch ID, iMessage, Bluetooth, and Time Machine.
  • Mac users are eagerly anticipating the next macOS Ventura update to address the persisting issues.

Since the release of macOS Ventura 13.6.6, a surge of complaints has emerged from users experiencing a wide range of issues. GottaBeMobile has reported numerous grievances, from malfunctioning Touch ID and iMessage to connectivity problems with Bluetooth accessories and Time Machine. Despite the availability of the macOS Sonoma update, version 14.4.1, which resolved several issues from macOS 14.4, the problems persist for macOS Ventura users. Even those with newer Macs are opting to stick with an older macOS version to maintain compatibility with essential software.

The macOS Ventura update has caused significant disruptions for users, compelling many to await the release of version 13.6.7. The persistence of these issues underscores the urgency for Apple to address the concerns of its user base.

While the macOS Sonoma update resolved various issues, it failed to extend that support to macOS Ventura users, leaving many eagerly anticipating the next update from Apple.

BGR will be closely monitoring this situation and will provide updates once Apple releases the awaited update.


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