Catholic Boomers Are More Liberal Than Millennials


Catholic Boomers More Liberal Than Millennials

A new Pew Research report reveals surprising insights into the views of Catholics across different age groups. According to the report, older Catholics are more liberal than their younger counterparts, a trend that counters the general perception of millennials as more progressive.

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Quick Facts

  • Older Catholics are more supportive of female priests and contraception than younger Catholics.
  • 75% of U.S. Catholics view Pope Francis favorably, but there is division on specific church practices.
  • Catholics, across age groups, are increasingly leaning towards more liberal views on issues like contraception and marriage for priests.

The report highlights that Catholics aged 50 and above are more likely than younger Catholics to advocate for changes such as allowing female priests, contraception, and married priests. It also notes a more divided opinion within the Catholic community regarding specific practices within the church, despite 75% of U.S. Catholics expressing a favorable view of Pope Francis.

Notably, the survey findings, based on responses from over 2,000 Catholics in February, deviate from the official stance of the church, particularly on issues such as contraception, gay marriage, and the role of women in the priesthood.

Thomas Plante, a professor of psychology and religious studies at Santa Clara University, observed that many older Catholics were influenced by the reforms promised during the second Vatican Council in the 1960s, and are more hopeful about the progress in areas like gender equality within the church. However, the report also sheds light on the modern perception of Catholics and the influence of media attention on different segments within the Catholic community.


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