Victoria Beckham Turns 50, David Beckham Celebrates With New Photos and a Gentle Roast


Victoria Beckham Marks 50th Birthday, Celebrated by David Beckham With New Photos and a Light-Hearted Ribbing

Victoria Beckham has reached the milestone of 50 years, and her husband, soccer icon David Beckham, commemorated her fiftieth birthday with a video montage of previously unseen throwback photos, along with some playful teasing. He shared the tribute, which commenced with a vintage video of the couple’s eldest children, Brooklyn and Romeo, extending their birthday wishes to their mother, on Instagram Wednesday morning.

Quick Facts:

  • David Beckham commemorates Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday with a photo montage and light-hearted jests.
  • The tribute includes never-before-seen throwback photos and a gentle roasting of Victoria.
  • A new book, “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power,” promises revealing insights into the family.

Victoria Beckham’s tribute included baby pictures of Victoria, images of her with her children, moments with Baby Spice during her years with the Spice Girls, and more. David, 48, also provided a gentle roast of his wife, incorporating the now-famous “be honest” audio from the recent Netflix documentary about the couple, alongside a picture of a young Victoria in front of her father’s Rolls-Royce. In the documentary, Victoria describes herself as “working class,” and David contradicted her, pointing out the luxury vehicle that transported her to school.

In the caption of his birthday post, David encourages his wife to “look back and be proud of what you have accomplished, achieved, and what you have built,” highlighting her marriage to an England captain and her role as a mother. He concludes by praising her as “50 and fit,” with one final nod to the Rolls: “I AM BEING HONEST.”

While David shared personal photos for the first time, a new book titled “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power,” authored by journalist Tom Bower, is set to be released on June 25 by HarperCollins. Bower aims to provide readers with “surprising insight” into “Brand Beckham” through research and insider interviews, promising a compelling and previously untold story.


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