Valerie Bertinelli explains why she ‘can’t just blame’ ex-husband Tom Vitale for ‘toxic, horrible marriage’


Valerie Bertinelli Reflects on Her Marriage and New Romance

Valerie Bertinelli shared her insights on her past marriage and new relationship during an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” Reflecting on her divorce from ex-husband Tom Vitale, Bertinelli discussed how unresolved childhood trauma contributed to the end of their marriage. She emphasized taking responsibility for her part in the relationship while acknowledging the impact of her past experiences.

Quick Facts

  • Valerie Bertinelli discussed the impact of childhood trauma on her marriage and divorce from Tom Vitale.
  • She expressed gratitude for the learning and healing opportunities that arose from the challenging experience.
  • Bertinelli also shared details about her new romance with a younger writer and their unexpected connection.

Valerie Bertinelli opened up about her divorce from Tom Vitale during an interview on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” highlighting the role of unresolved childhood trauma in their relationship’s dynamics. She stressed the importance of acknowledging her own part in the marriage’s challenges, emphasizing the need to address underlying issues stemming from her past. Bertinelli also reflected on the positive aspects of her divorce, expressing gratitude for the self-discovery and healing it brought.

During the talk show, Bertinelli also discussed her newfound romance with a younger writer, sharing details about their unexpected connection and the joy it has brought to her life. She described the serendipitous nature of their relationship and the profound impact it has had on her, expressing excitement about the future despite the geographical distance between them. Bertinelli’s openness about her experiences resonated with the audience, offering a candid perspective on love, healing, and personal growth.

Valerie Bertinelli’s candid revelations on “The Drew Barrymore Show” provided a deeper understanding of the complexities in her past marriage and the transformative nature of her new romance. Her reflections offered insight into the profound impact of personal growth and healing, resonating with audiences navigating similar experiences.


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