Top NPR Editor Quits After Blasting Org’s Alleged Woke Culture


Top NPR Editor Quits After Blasting Org’s Alleged Woke Culture

Top NPR Editor Resigns Amid Alleged Woke Culture Dispute

**NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner** resigned from the network following his suspension and public criticism of the organization’s culture and its CEO’s past remarks about former President Donald Trump. Berliner expressed his respect for his colleagues but cited an inability to work in a disparaging newsroom.

Quick Facts

  • Uri Berliner resigned from NPR after being suspended for writing a column without approval.
  • His resignation was a result of his complaints about the organization’s culture and the CEO’s views.
  • Berliner’s departure highlights internal tensions at NPR.

Following the public disclosure of his suspension, Berliner announced his resignation, emphasizing his respect for his colleagues and the importance of NPR’s journalism. However, he expressed his inability to work in an environment where he felt disparaged by the new CEO. The dispute stemmed from his failure to seek approval for a column he wrote in the Free Press, resulting in a five-day suspension without pay.

Berliner’s departure underscores internal tensions at NPR, shedding light on the challenges within the organization’s culture and leadership. His public criticism and subsequent resignation have brought attention to the alleged “woke culture” at NPR and the impact of the CEO’s divisive views on the newsroom environment.

The incident has sparked discussions about the balance between editorial freedom and organizational oversight, raising questions about the future direction of NPR and the implications of internal disputes on its journalistic integrity and reputation.


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