Pakistan says it blocked social media platform X over ‘national security’


Pakistan Blocks Social Media Platform X for ‘National Security’ Reasons

Pakistan blocked access to social media platform X around the time of elections in February, the interior ministry said, citing national security concerns. Users had reported problems using the platform, formerly known as Twitter, since mid-February, when jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party called for protests against a government official’s admission of vote manipulation.

Imran Khan prompted the recent block of social media platform X due to alleged vote manipulation during elections in February.

Quick Facts

  • **Pakistan** blocked access to social media platform X, citing **national security concerns**.
  • Users faced issues with the platform, formerly known as **Twitter**, following calls for protests against alleged **vote manipulation**.
  • The government’s decision was made in the interest of upholding **national security**, maintaining public order, and preserving the integrity of the nation.

Pakistan’s interior ministry mentioned the shutdown in a written court submission, attributing the ban to Twitter/X’s failure to adhere to the government’s directives. The ministry stated that the ban was imposed to maintain national security, public order, and the nation’s integrity. Activists claimed that the ban was intended to stifle dissent following the general elections, which were marred by widespread opposition claims of vote rigging and protests.

The decision to temporarily block X was influenced by confidential reports from Pakistan’s intelligence and security agencies, alleging that “hostile elements” on Twitter/X intended to create chaos and instability, ultimately aiming to destabilize the country.

The Sindh High Court ordered the restoration of the platform within one week, following a separate legal challenge against the ban. Access to X has been sporadic, prompting users to resort to virtual private networks for intermittent connectivity.


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