Apple is reportedly prepping a pumped up Notes app for iOS 18


Apple Preparing Enhanced Notes App for iOS 18

In a few months, Apple will unveil its latest iOS 18, set to be a significant update in the company’s history. Reports suggest that the new version will include advanced AI features and a revamped Notes app.

Quick Facts

  • Apple is gearing up to release iOS 18, which is expected to feature a significantly enhanced Notes app.
  • The updated Notes app may include a built-in voice recording feature and potential integration with other Apple apps.
  • iOS 18 is also anticipated to bring new AI capabilities and a redesigned Home Screen with enhanced customization options.

Apple’s Notes app has undergone multiple improvements in recent years, evolving from a basic note-taking tool to a more comprehensive platform, offering collaborative notes, tag-based search, and link-related notes. With the upcoming iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 releases, Apple aims to further enhance the functionality of the Notes app, as reported by AppleInsider.

It is rumored that Apple plans to integrate additional features into the Notes app, including a built-in voice recording function and potential integration with a Calculator tool. While the in-app recording feature is expected to debut in the initial iOS 18 betas, the “Math Notes” feature might be introduced later.

Furthermore, iOS 18 is anticipated to introduce a range of new features, including an extensive Home Screen redesign, allowing users to freely rearrange apps and widgets. Additionally, the update may include a Freeform update with Scenes for improved board navigation. Other potential enhancements involve Apple Maps, which could receive topographic maps and custom route additions.


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