Utah Motorist Arrested with Severed Finger Found in Wallet

During a routine traffic stop in Orem, Utah, a disturbing discovery was made in the wallet of Victor Chavez-Zuniga, a 27-year-old local resident. Police found a severed, decaying finger wrapped in cloth, leading to his arrest on multiple charges, including abuse or desecration of a dead human body. For more details on this bizarre incident, see the full report on The Smoking Gun.

Quick Facts

  • Victor Chavez-Zuniga was stopped for a broken headlight near his residence in Orem, Utah, leading to the discovery of a severed, decaying finger in his wallet, wrapped in cloth.
  • The traffic stop escalated after a computer check revealed several active warrants for Chavez-Zuniga’s arrest, related to his failure to appear in court for a prior felony fraud conviction.
  • Upon inspection, the severed finger was found to be in a state of decay, with puss and blood on it, emitting a noticeable foul smell when removed from its wrapping.

Details of the Incident

On the evening of the arrest, a routine traffic stop initiated by a broken headlight led to a shocking discovery. Victor Chavez-Zuniga, who was already wanted on several active warrants, was found to possess a severed human finger in his wallet. The digit, which was beginning to turn green and showed signs of decay, was not identified as belonging to Chavez-Zuniga or anyone else at the time of the report.

Following the discovery, Chavez-Zuniga was arrested and booked into the Utah County jail. He faces charges related to the abuse or desecration of a dead human body, in addition to the warrants for his previous legal issues. The incident has raised many questions, not least of which is the origin of the severed finger and Chavez-Zuniga’s reasons for possessing it.

The investigation into this bizarre and unsettling case continues, with law enforcement officials seeking answers to the many questions raised by the discovery. The presence of the severed finger in Chavez-Zuniga’s possession adds a grim and mysterious aspect to an already complex legal situation for the Utah man.

For Further Reading

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Q&A Section

What charges is Victor Chavez-Zuniga facing?

Chavez-Zuniga is facing charges related to the abuse or desecration of a dead human body, along with being held on outstanding warrants for previous offenses, including a felony fraud conviction.

How was the severed finger discovered?

The severed finger was discovered wrapped in a cloth in Chavez-Zuniga’s wallet during a search conducted after his arrest, which was initially for a traffic violation and outstanding warrants.

Has the owner of the severed finger been identified?

At the time of the report, the owner of the severed finger had not been identified, and the reasons for Chavez-Zuniga’s possession of it remain unclear.

Original article: Cops: Driver Had Severed Finger In His Wallet | The Smoking Gun

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