Florida Man Arrested for Choking Girlfriend Claims It Was a “Demonstration”

William Shumaker, a 36-year-old convicted felon from Florida, was arrested for allegedly choking his girlfriend. Shumaker claimed to the police that he was merely demonstrating “how I was previously arrested for domestic battery.” This incident occurred in a St. Petersburg convenience store parking lot.

Quick Facts

  • Alleged Assault: Shumaker is accused of repeatedly choking his girlfriend of two years with both hands.
  • Witness Account: A witness observed Shumaker striking and choking the victim multiple times.
  • Legal Consequences: Charged with domestic battery by strangulation, a felony, Shumaker is held on a $50,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with the victim.

The incident was reported by a witness who saw Shumaker hitting and choking his girlfriend. When approached by officers, Shumaker spontaneously stated that he was demonstrating a previous arrest method. However, the police noted that the woman had multiple red marks on her neck consistent with handprints.

Shumaker’s criminal history includes two prior arrests for felony domestic battery, which were eventually reduced to misdemeanor charges. He has also been convicted of burglary and has spent significant time in state prison.

This case highlights the complexities in domestic violence incidents, where perpetrators may use unusual explanations to justify their actions. The severity of the charges reflects the serious nature of domestic battery by strangulation.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Domestic Battery by Strangulation is central to this case. This form of domestic violence involves intentionally strangling or attempting to strangle a family member or intimate partner. It is a serious felony offense that can result in significant legal penalties. For more information, visit Strangulation (domestic violence) on Wikipedia.


What was Shumaker’s explanation for his actions?

Shumaker claimed he was demonstrating how he was previously arrested for domestic battery, rather than actually attacking his girlfriend.

What evidence contradicted Shumaker’s claim?

The presence of multiple red marks on the victim’s neck, consistent with handprints, contradicted Shumaker’s claim of a mere demonstration.

What is Shumaker’s criminal background?

Shumaker has a history of criminal activity, including two prior arrests for felony domestic battery and convictions for burglary.


Original article: Felon Claimed Choking Was A Demonstration | The Smoking Gun

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