Jared Kushner Unlikely to Return to White House if Trump Wins in 2024

In a recent interview with Axios, former White House senior advisor Jared Kushner revealed that he plans to focus on his private equity firm, Affinity Partners, rather than return to government if his father-in-law Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. Read the full interview on Axios to learn more about the topic of **Kushner and his potential role in a Trump administration**.

Quick Facts

  • Kushner served a major role in Trump’s first term: Trump’s son-in-law played a significant role in both his 2016 campaign and first presidential term.
  • Kushner focused on private equity since leaving the White House: He founded Affinity Partners, a Miami-based investment firm, which will remain his priority despite possible changes in the White House.
  • Kushner believes Trump’s next administration would be more effective: Kushner shared his thoughts that in a potential second term, Trump would assemble a more experienced and professional team in government positions.

Kushner Prefers Family and Focus on His Firm

Jared Kushner expressed satisfaction with his life away from the public eye, stating “I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity as a family to be out of the spotlight.” Acknowledging how unpredictable situations can be, he emphasized to Axios that his current priority is Affinity Partners. With existing commitments made to investors and employees, a return to Washington is unlikely.

No Guarantees but Hints of Change

Although Kushner expressed his reluctance to join a new Trump administration, he left the door slightly open by saying that “nothing in my life has gone according to the plans I’ve set.” Regardless, he believes that Trump’s second presidency would bring increased “competence and professionalism” drawing from a vast selection of qualified candidates.

Trump Campaign Likely to Prioritize Loyalty

Kushner’s emphasis on experience may contradict existing trends pointing towards Trump favoring personal loyalty when filling government roles. Close sources reveal that Jared Kushner is still being considered for significant positions should Trump win.

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Why doesn’t Kushner want to return to government?
Kushner appears to enjoy life outside the political spotlight and prioritizes running his investment firm.

Could Kushner still play a role in the next Trump administration?
There are conflicting signals—Kushner emphasizes his private sector plans, but sources close to Trump indicate he remains a possibility for crucial roles.

Would a second Trump White House be different from the first?
Kushner suggests Trump would choose more experienced people, yet early signs favor loyalty as the primary hiring factor.

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